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  Annotation: The paper deals with theoretical positions in terms of marketing organization of the enterprise. A model of the organization of the marketing activities of the enterprise is considered by means of contextual diagram and chart result.

  Keywords: marketing activities, bank marketing, organization, marketing communications.


The aim of the paper is theoretical research of key points of the importance of organization of marketing at modern enterprises and improvement of marketing activities of the enterprise taking into account influence of the external and internal environment. 

Bank marketing has a special importance for the manager of the PJSC commercial Bank «Privatbank» while forming current and perspective bank policy. Actually bank marketing is the basis of information subsystem of modern bank management. Bank marketing presupposes the study of accounting processes, that take place at the capital market both in general and in its separate sectors: banking, crediting, and market of equities.

The purpose of bank marketing is to create necessary terms for adaptation to market demands and increase of competitiveness and profitability.

The basic functions of bank marketing are:

– the analysis of on the capital market and its separate segments that present the particular interest for banks;

– the analysis and study of the percent policy of the whole competition environment;

– expansion of bank assets and passives; 

– the development of the system of bank activities planning;

– the development of new bank products;

– the organization of customers service.

In the process of realization of marketing activities of PJSC Commercial Bank "Privatbank» a holistic approach to marketing communications is used.

In the process of the research the following communication technologies were used: advertisement, sales promotion, propaganda and personal sales. Special means of communication are peculiar to every enterprise. To find out their special features and to forecast tendencies of approach to marketing communications of PJSC commercial bank «Privatbank», the research of full set of basic means of marketing communications, was conducted.


Marketing orientation

Operating orientation



At planning innovative ideas are used that result to stiffness of some bank products

Planning is conducted on the basis of budgets planned on charges principle

The competitive programs of bringing in and maintenance of clients are planned

Business possibilities are brought in confirmation with clearly set current needs

Operating possibilities are driven in correspondence with market demands

Special attention is paid to reduction of expenses and credit losses

Creation of new markets for bank products and services

Sceptical attitude toward marketing aims and for casts of volumes of services

Basic investments are done in to technologies to win leadership at the market

Orientation to the parity of the offered products and services concerning competitors

Investments in the long term programs of development, built on the principle of balance of risk and possibilities

Rate on reduction of risks of active operations, even if it means the postponement of the development programs

Advancement of clients expectations about their needs desires

Establishment of limits of operating possibilities and new design products development

Management on the basis of budget built on the investment principle, but not on the principle of expenses control

Maximization of short-term profit

Allocation of resources in accordance with strategic marketing plans

Emphasize the quantitative description of current activities the available

Acceptance of purposeful marketing decisions

Purposeful use of the available operating potential

Fig. 1.1 Characteristics of marketing and operating orientation of bank activities

  Thus, it is possible to make a conclusion that marketing is the system of views, a function of coordination of different aspects of entrepreneurial activities, set of interrelated elements of business activities and business philosophy The aim of marketing is softening of overproduction crisis, and also, the process of demand and supply balance.



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